A team-based, competitive MMORPG
Knight Arena aspires to be a team-based, esports MMORPG. This means a high skill-based, PvP-focused MMORPG that draws inspiration from old, lasting games from this genre.

We will achieve this by sticking to our core principles, which include:
- No pay to win, ever.
- No bloated features or content like retail WoW. Replayable, simple, with a high skill cap.
- Diverse playing style options across our classes.
- The best anti-cheat in the business.
- Low system reqs. We understand that not every passionate gamer can afford the latest rig.
- Made with streaming in mind. For the streamers and the spectators.
- We focus on the journey as much as the destination.
- Cross realm re-imagined. We want to build server communities, whlist keeping healthy populations..
Download Windows 3.5 GB
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